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Friday, April 13, 2012

Oh Happy Day!!

Hello Friend

As I type this I'm feeling my little man move around in my growing belly! God is so good! Shepard is still little '5 inches to be exact so I'm feeling flutters by him. :) To bring everyone up to baby date, I'm 17 weeks today. Josh and I kept this pregnancy under wraps for a bit and didn't make it full public till 14 weeks. It was actually nice and easy to keep it a secret. It was just for us and of course a bunch of times a day we would pray over this pregnancy. We knew going in that there was a 3% chance out of 100 that Potter's Syndrome wouldn't happen to us again. In the words of The Hunger Games "The odds were ever in our favor"! He knows the desires of our hearts, He places them there. We long to be parents here on Earth. Last Friday, which was Good Friday we went in for a ultra sound to see how things were going and just to have close monitoring through the pregnancy. As any mom reading this and have had to go through a horrible US it was nerve racking to say the least. I just prayed for peace and God's will over this baby. I prayed that everything would be in the body and working at 100%. Healthy and Happy was the name of the game that I cared to play. Within the first couple of minutes the tech said I had "great fluid"! I didn't want to assume anything but was so relieved to hear that. She scanned for 30 to 40 mins and said the most beautiful words to this Momma's ears "there are kidneys and there is the bladder"! All of us that were in the room just wept with joy to hear all of that. She kept scanning and I mentioned "I'm so glad that he or she is doing well so far". She said "would you like to know what the baby is". We said "yes"! She said "well, it's still early but it looks like the makings of a boy"! Then she said "oh, wait there IT is"! It's a BOY!! Shepard Joshua Wilcox! :) He is due September 21, 2012. I looked at Josh and said "Congrats, you are able to make girls and boys"! :) We are just so happy that he is healthy! That's ALL that really matters. It's amazing what goes into the making of babies. While reading daily about our little guy I have learned that all organs are held in the umbilical cord till they are ready to make their way down to their permanent spots. Hello!! Can we say we are all miracles?!!? To know that Shepard started off that way and that God sent those precious organs to be where they need to be is amazingly wonderful to me. Only He could do that!

                                                                   All BOY!

                                                          Shepard's sweet profile!

Us holding a pic of Shepard's BIG Sister, Evangeline. :) Sun what in our eyes!

I hope to get better about posting on here more often! I do ask that everyone continue to pray for Shepard. Pray for continued health and growth for him. I'm praying for all my Mommy friends that are pregnant with me. I always pray for health! I'm also in prayer to my friends that are trying. I ask that their wombs be blessed with healthy babies and SOON!

Love to all!!

Evangeline and Shepard's Mommy