The Adventures of being a mommy....

Monday, November 14, 2011

Beating Hearts

Hi Everyone! I was reading a fellow Mommy's blog the other day and I came across this sign. I knew I had to have it! The day before reading this I was talking to Josh about EJ's heartbeat and how strong it was. Every appointment we went to her heart rate was 177 or 165. Josh and I this past year for Valentine's Day went to Build A Bear to make EJ her own bear with a recording of her heartbeat. That is something that is so precious to me to have now. I will always know what it sounded like. When I went to make up my blog I thought for days on what I should call it. One day it dawned on me "Two Hearts". It's for hers and mine. How I loved to hear her little beating heart,and the entire time she was being soothed by mine. Carrying a child is the most precious gift a woman can ever receive physically. EVER!! Never take for granted ladies, the fact that you can conceive and carry a healthy child. It is a blessing and a miracle! :)


  1. I so agree. To be able to carry a child is such a blessing. And to have a healthy baby is a miracle even if some people take it for granted. Losing a child makes you realize that.