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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Our Little Piece of America...

Hey Friends!

I'm typing to you all as I get ready for the task of packing. We are so excited about the new chapter in our life's with Shepard coming in 9 weeks or less and our first house! Josh and I have been home owners of a sweet condo for 6 yrs. We have loved our little place. :) We bought it foreclosed and did all the handy work pretty much by ourselves. We have had so many memories here. It has been a great place of peace and comfort to us. Our little deck over looks a large pond with cute ducks and geese...a lovely place to spend time with the Lord and or just to daze off into the nature He created. I will miss a lot here. We have been blessed to have found a sweet little family to come and rent our condo. We are truly excited about it! We know that they too are excited and that they will take excellent care of our home. :) They too can start making great memories here and continue on new stories for it to have.

The next month will be a whirlwind with moving into our new home and all the renovations we'll be doing. This one is a fixer upper too but who else would love a project like this? US! :) You have to be a visionary with this place. Josh and I are that couple that can see the diamond in the rough and can turn it into something absolutely beautiful. As Josh already says "It is already beautiful we are just making it even more so". The good part on a fixer upper is that you can design and create things the way you want them to be. We have been so patient in this process (all thanks be to God for that). ;) It will be nice to have our first house and one that we will grow into, not out of. I can't wait to bring Shepard home from the hospital to his house with his room. Starting new memories and with our little family is so exciting to me. It's been a crazy past year but we give God all the glory for the good and the bad. It has made us stronger and appreciate more of life and the little things that can be taken for granted.

I just wanted to update all of our friends that have been asking questions on our move. Not sure that I'll get the chance to blog anytime soon but I would love to share our before and after pictures when it's all said and done. Please keep us in your all's prayers as we navigate through these new and wonderful changes. I know it can be crazy doing all of this stuff right before giving birth but we want to keep a good and positive outlook on it. :)

I pray that all of you that read my blog are well! You guys are awesome! Even if we have never met, I think you're awesome! Blessings on you all!


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