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Thursday, September 13, 2012

A letter of love to my little Shepard...

Dear Shepard Joshua,

This time tomorrow you, your Daddy and I will be at the hospital and getting to know each other more. I cannot believe that I've carried you for 39 weeks! That's 273 days! I have loved every minute carrying you. There were times in the very beginning I was afraid and holding onto hope that you would stay with me. I was looking through a text with a friend back in February that I had to cancel our dinner because I was on a slight bed rest with you. I prayed and prayed that God will let me keep you. I did whatever I could down here to make my womb a comfortable home for you. When we found out at 16 weeks that all was going well with you and that you looked healthy it was the best day for us! I knew you were a little fighter. :) Looking back from the beginning with you to the day before I go in for our c section I cry. Good tears that is. To be blessed with a healthy baby that moves non stop amazes me. I don't take it for granted that I got to carry you this far. I must admit that I'm a little sad that my time carrying you in my womb is almost over. I'm eating up every moment of this time. I know seeing your face tomorrow, I'll forget all about those feelings but if it gives you any inkling of how much I love and wanted you then there it is. :)

There are so many people that cannot wait to meet you! Family and friends are coming to the hospital to get a glimpse of you. You are so loved! You're room is ready, bags are packed and car seat that has been in the car for a few weeks. We are as ready as two people could be to bring home a baby.

Your Daddy and I have been and will continue to pray for you. Your health, happiness and life are so important to us. We pray that we will raise you to be a Godly man, who loves the Lord with all of his heart and serves Him only. If you have even an ounce of your Daddy in you (though I know you'll be half of him) I won't worry a bit about who you'll be in the future. Your Daddy is a loving, gentle and God fearing man. He works hard to provide for us. He is loyal to me and all people around us. I pray you look up to him and become his best buddy. :) He is so excited to meet you!

I love you so much my sweet boy! I look forward to seeing you tomorrow! It will be a wonderful day! As I see you tomorrow I will also think of your beautiful sister Evangeline Joy. She will be with us in spirit. You already know a bit about her from our stories we have told you. She will always be a part of our lives. She is your "big" sis! :)

Praying for our day tomorrow! Your save journey into our arms and the guidnce of the doctor's hands.

Love you always and forever,

Your Mommy


  1. Brittany and Kris GilliamSeptember 13, 2012 at 12:20 PM

    beautiful letter, Katie. Kris and i are so excited for you guys. Can not wait to see pictures of Shepard.

  2. So excited and happy for you! Many prayers that all goes well!

  3. Thank you both!! Its been a busy but the best 5 months ever!