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Friday, June 24, 2011

Sweet baby & Sweet tea

This is just a short & sweet blog today....

Through-out my pregnancy all 31 weeks I haven't had 1 cup, glass or can of caffeine.  Now, normally when not pregnant I didn't drink a lot of pop anyway but have always enjoyed a coke or cherry coke once a week as a treat. My biggest guilty pleasure is SWEET TEA!! I think that's me tapping into my old Georgia roots. Lately, I have been thinking about sweet tea and how badly I wanted one from McDonald's (my fav) and whether or not I should feel guilty that I made it this far without having it. Then I thought about it yesterday while talking to my sister in law Rachel, I want Evangeline to taste what Mommy thinks to be the best drink ever. I've enjoyed making things for her that I know she likes by the way she moves around & kicks. This is my time with her and to share with her my favorite things.

So, tonight on his way home from a LONG day at work, Daddy is bringing Evangeline & Mommy home a McDonald's sweet tea. I know we'll enjoy!!

Hope all is well with everyone reading this. Thank you for your continued support for us! We are thankful for all our family & friends.

Mommy & E


  1. Drink it up Georgia girl! :) love ya, Deb

  2. I love McD's sweet tea, too! Enjoy your special treat, girls!

  3. I don't blame you for sharing some good things with your baby girl! God bless you...xoxo.

  4. Katie, you have the sweetest stories! JoAnna and I miss you guys. You're in our prayers. Oh and your blog made me misty eyed while at the Marine Corps Barber Shop. Unacceptable :)

  5. Hope you enjoyed that sweet tea!

  6. I am so thankful for your blog and what you share. I am glad you were able to share that sweet tea with EJ... you both deserved it.

    I love you, and I can't imagine what you are going through with your loss... We are praying for you and Joshua. I am here if and when you need to talk.