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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Baby Steps

Hi Friends!

As promised I am sharing about our visit with our niece Adia. We went to visit her and her Mommy and Daddy this past Sunday. Josh and I were excited to see Adia and to get acquainted with her again. Along with the excitement we were a tad bit nervous about how we would feel about playing with and holding a baby again.  The only thing I can say is that God truly had His hand in the whole day. Adia is such a good baby! I loved talking to her and watching what she's into now. During the day I thought about EJ a lot but I wasn't upset about it, like I thought I might be. The only sad feeling I had is the "what would have been" with EJ. How I wouldn't see EJ  grow up and to be able to cherish each step with her. Like I said God was there and He was in control of my feelings. He made the day! :)

I'm so glad that we took that "baby step" to see our little niece. She has grown so much sense we last saw her. She sits up on her own, jabbers, claps,laughs and cuddles. She gave me that absolute love and passion that I have always had for babies again. I'm not as scared to see a baby now. That doesn't change my hurt or longing. It just makes it easier. 

Here are some cute photos of Adia with her Uncle J and I. Enjoy! 

                                                 I love the little hand on my leg! Melts my heart!
                                                   Trying to figure out Uncle J

                                                                I love squeezes!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this entry! May God bless each and everyone of you! 


  1. Always love reading your heart--so grateful you're willing let us share in your journey.

  2. Oh my gosh Kate that last picture is absolutely heart warming! You three look so happy together! You made my heart melt!!! So happy for you that you spent time with her!! XOXO. We love and miss you both!

  3. This post made me smile! I just noticed that EJ and Eli weighed about the same when they were born and for 31 and 32 weekers that is a good size.

  4. Thank you, ladies! :) Jennifer, I know! At 32 weeks and she was that big. I would love to know what she would have been if I was able to carry her to full term.