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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Missing Her...

Today was my due date for Evangeline. I've been pretty somber most of the day. I think a lot of that has to so with the fact that I sometimes cannot believe that she isn't with me physically anymore. I just miss her so bad! A lot of close friends and of course my family all knew what today is for us. I have been receiving lots of encouragement today from them all. It's such a blessing to me to have awesome people in my life that are there for us in the thick of things. This morning after a night of fun with two great friends at the Hillsong concert (which I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to go), I woke up to a text from a friend and this is what it said....

" Katie, God has been placing you on my heart today. What are your prayer request today?"  I then respond back to her on my request and then she sent me this back "Wow, God is so incredible! He gave me a word for you. "Ask my peace my peace I give to you. I am your rock, I am your salvation. I have plans to prosper you not to harm you. Continue to place your hope in me and my will will be done in you".

God loves us so much! He loves on me each and everyday. I was open to Him all day, which I should be at all times in everyday but I fall short on that. With that openness He gave me that message with hope and love written out for me in my time of need. I'm tearing up right now with the knowledge of just how much He loves you and me. No matter how much I love Evangeline, He loves her so much more then I can fathom. I know she is right there with Him. Being loved by Him and learning so much from Him. He takes care of His children.

To Evangeline Joy Wilcox, Mommy and Daddy love you so much sweet girl! You mean the world to us and there isn't one day that goes my that we  don't miss you, mourn you and think of you a million times. I know you are in a much better place then this old world could ever have given you. You are our Angel Baby, apple of our eye and our heart. We are so proud to be your parents and cannot wait for the day that I can look into that face of yours in Heaven.

Ok, time for me to grab the tissues. Thank you for reading, loving us and encouraging us in this journey. God bless you all!


  1. I am praying for you and Josh, you are so strong, your words and stories are so empowering, and what a journey for you both.... God bless you today and always!!!

  2. Beautiful friend. Your heart for the Lord regardless of life's circumstances is so beautiful and inspiring to me. I love you.

  3. You are so amazing Katie. I'm praying for you and Joshua. Love you friend.

  4. Thinking of you, my dear friend! I love and miss you! Looking forward to our next luncheon :o)

  5. I just found your blog and have read a bit on it. I am enamored with precious Evangeline Joy - she is so beautiful and so is her name. I understand that path you are walking, I have lost two precious little boys to Potter's Syndrome, our most recent loss in March. I commend you for holding to your faith in spite of all the difficulties you have faced and are facing. My prayers are with you.